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inflammatory bowel disease

My dear patients!

I regard communication with my patients as one the most important ways to practice medicine. That`s why the blog I.M. INFORMATION MATTERS exists.

I always imagine a picture: In case of chronical illness such as ulcerative colitis or crohn`s disease, which will be addressed here in I.M. INFORMATION MATTERS, doctors and patients are preparing for a trail they walk together. To agree on the starting point and to determine the destination, to prepaire for the terrain as good as possible and especially consider the difficult passages that might come up on the way is fundamental to optimize the chance to reach the destination.

The “terrain” in this case is the field of IBD, inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammatory bowel disease, IBD is a complex issue which is not yet fully understood by science. When we talk about IBD of course we talk about the gut. But it is not only about the gut. It is about the gut and other organs. It is about diagnostic methods, it is about therapeutic approaches. It is about medication. Medication we have known for years and have lots of experience with and others which are new to us. It is about aspects of your daily life. And one aspect is never to be considered isolated. It always referes to another aspect as well.

And that is what I had in my mind when I designed the I.M. LOGO : it shoud be seen as a symbol of a system with microsystems around it, like a galaxy or universe, in which we are moving while discussing inflammatory bowel disease, IBD.

I am creating this blog to give you the chance  to get information on this complex issue of IBD. To understand the context of the disease. You should be able to get answers to your questions on IBD and gain knowledge as easy as possible.  

I.M. INFORMATION MATTERS and makes a difference

I am really happy to start here with you today on I.M. INFORMATION MATTERS !

Take care !

Best regards, 

Dr. Susanne Weyrauch


NEwest BLOG posts

EIM of the skin

It took me forever to write this article. The issue is not very common, yet it is not rare enough, to ignore it. Extraintestinal manifestation of the skin. I know some patients who are affected and the thing is, to ensure proper treatment right from the beginning instead of first ignoring the whole thing and then try something that heled y friend, when he or she had a bad wound …. . For that we need the dermatologists very often. How to recognize EIM of the skin and what is the right thing to do …


Watch your eyes…EIM of the eyes in IBD

The eyes … no matter how you look at it, it is hard to imagine that they could have anything to do with the intestine. Yet they can be involved in case of IBD, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn`s disease and ulcerative colitis as extraintestinal manifestation (EIM) of scleritis, episcleritis and uveitis can ocur. Those are rare but important. manifestations of IBD – we all should have them in mind since it regards your eye sight….



Relax ! I hand this to you not as a phrase but rather as a … recommendation !
Because there are possibilities to actively relax. And since everybody knows, how stress does affect you – it is reasonable to actively relax. And it is so simple that it is almost ridiculous (… and I personally wonder why this is not taught and practiced in schools and preschools already). The way – or let me say: one way – because as always there are different ways of doing it – a really simple, appropriate and goal-orientated way to relaxation is the one that leads over – your breath. Simple as that.