Stressed out ! – what happens in the intestine ?

Stress does something to your IBD ! – something everybody knows., isn`t it ? Is it ? Can this feeling of beeing stressed out actually do something to the gut ? ? Can it lead to more disease activity ? Can it cause a flare or be responsible for not getting in deep remission ? Everybody thinks and feels : yes ! Definetly ! And are yet not sure about it, because it is not very concrete. Except it actually is concrete in a way…


No stress !

A very important issue for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn`s disease and ulcerative colitis. Because I know that most of you who read this – same as me – have the very strong suspicion: it is not something “vague” some mood or even “illusion”, from which some people say” it is all in the head” (which is not quite wrong in a way, but part of it IS in the head. Stress does have an effect on inflammatory bowel disease very in a very concrete way. That`s what you experience and that`s how it is indeed. Stress changes a lot in yout body and also in the intestine. And because of that: yes, it is a very important thing to consider when thinking about what influences IBD.


What`s going on ? – Antibodies, Biologicals…

What`s going on ?! Intervention in and interruption of signal pathways in the human body, which controll inflammation by therapx with antibodies or Biologicals. That`s what`s going on. And even after knowing and using some of these medical substances for more than 20 years and having new medications that we also know for 5 years or more and also are quite familiar with, there is a big insecurity when it comes to these antibody therapy or biological therapy ( biosimilars the same…). But most patients don`t know how their mode of action is and what that tells us about the side effects