Crohn’s disease – where does it happen ?

IBD inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Today I will focus on just one of the two diseases for the first time – Crohn’s disease. Whenever I see a patient with the known diagnosis of Crohn’s disease for the first time in my consultation hour without knowing anything about the course of the disease, I always ask: do you know in which part if the bowel your disease is located? Most of them do not. (- probably because nobody ever told them in a way they can visualise or refer to) That `s why today I want to answer the question: Where in the bowel can Crohn´s disease occur? Does it make a difference on behalf of the course of the disease where it occurs? Can the localization change over the time? That is what you can read here on I.M. INFORMATION MATTERS today