My dear patients,

and why starting a blog like I.M. INFORMATION MATTERS now? Why IBD? I mean it`s not that there is no opportunity to get information.

 I have had a strong interest on that issue for years and have been taking care of patients with these illnesses. Every patient is different, has a different personality, every patient deals with the disease in a different way. Every patient is in a different state in his or her life. Every patient has a different course of disease. What is exactly right for one doesnt fit for another one at all.

My impression is that the prevalence of the inflammatory bowel disease IBD is increasing. And we as doctors and specialists hear more speeches and talks on our conferences, we know the new therapies and discuss them over and over again. But a certain (the most basic!) aspect, the aspect of communicating with our patients on that issue of inflammatory bowel desease, IBD and pass on the information they need, is not yet being paied enough attention to.

ADDress and Communication


We talk about illnesses, that patients have for years from their very youth on. Which sometimes have life changing consequences once or again and again for years.


These patiens should know what we as doctors know. What our thoughts on the issue of inflammatory bowel disease, IBD are and how – or let me say: on what basis we make our decisions.

Complex and sometimes complicated facts can and should be destilled to understandable information. And patients should also know what contribution they can make for his or her very own wellbeing besides taking medication. Today we know very well, how important lifestyle choices such as nutrition or reducing certain stress factors are. I am convinced that that`s what helps patients dealing with the illness and their situation. And that helps us the doctors to work on a cooperative level with our patients  and to treat them the best way possible.

Thats my approach and that`s the idea behind I.M. – INFORMATION MATTERS