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Who do i mean with the term "US"?

Who is Addressed

My dear patients !

Maybe for the one or the other of you the following might be important:

I sometimes write: “we”, for example “we know”.  …

Who ? Who is “we” ?

“We” often refers to doctors and gastroenterologists, because they are the ones, who have been working on the field of inflammatory bowel disease IBD for years. The ones who gather experience , collect data  and evaluate the data scientifically (which is so valuable !), who deal with and work on the field of IBD, inflammatory bowel disease.

But “we” also addresses all the people, who are affected by IBD themselves or have relatives or friends, who are affected. Who do have experience with the disease or do not have experience and want to gather information in an uncomplicated way.

I mean everyone who reads this and is willing to learn more. That`s also what “we” stands for.


And than I write: “you as a patient”  … “my patients”.

In German more than in English language it is not clear wether I address male or female.


Of course I address both. I address each and every one of you. But to be quite honest:  also as a woman who considers herself a feminist, who looks at the world from a very female point of view and who always has a very close eye on the position of women in society and how it is placed by media, advertisement etc., my goal on this Blog I.M. INFORMATION MATTERS is to give information on the issue of inflammatory bowel disease ,IBD.

If I was always writing “male patient…” and “female patient…” , continuing with …”his/her”… would be just too complicated for me. It would disturb my flow in writing. Maybe it would disturb your flow in reading my texts as well.


So : let`s keep it simple and uncomplicated here. I address each and every one of you. Male and female and diverse, girls and boys, Ladies and Gentlemen. My dear patients.  


EIM of the skin

It took me forever to write this article. The issue is not very common, yet it is not rare enough, to ignore it. Extraintestinal manifestation of the skin. I know some patients who are affected and the thing is, to ensure proper treatment right from the beginning instead of first ignoring the whole thing and then try something that heled y friend, when he or she had a bad wound …. . For that we need the dermatologists very often. How to recognize EIM of the skin and what is the right thing to do …


Watch your eyes…EIM of the eyes in IBD

The eyes … no matter how you look at it, it is hard to imagine that they could have anything to do with the intestine. Yet they can be involved in case of IBD, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn`s disease and ulcerative colitis as extraintestinal manifestation (EIM) of scleritis, episcleritis and uveitis can ocur. Those are rare but important. manifestations of IBD – we all should have them in mind since it regards your eye sight….



Relax ! I hand this to you not as a phrase but rather as a … recommendation !
Because there are possibilities to actively relax. And since everybody knows, how stress does affect you – it is reasonable to actively relax. And it is so simple that it is almost ridiculous (… and I personally wonder why this is not taught and practiced in schools and preschools already). The way – or let me say: one way – because as always there are different ways of doing it – a really simple, appropriate and goal-orientated way to relaxation is the one that leads over – your breath. Simple as that.